Artvi Advocates believes strongly that resources directed at organizations and activities which enhance and contribute to the educational, artistic, and cultural welfare of the citizens of the Virgin Islands constitute a real social and economic investment in the future of our territory.  Through our special exhibition and projects we embrace experimentation, value new ideas, and actively foster the exposure of those ideas in our community. We are interested in artists and the ongoing dialogue between artists and audiences. We value the intellectual challenge inherent in contemporary art forms of all kinds and we are dedicated to contemporary expression and innovation in the arts. 

Priscilla Hintz

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Our Mission


Board Members & Volunteers

Brenda Sylvia, Eric Browne, Lynn Berry, Karen Valentine, Genevieve Ryan,                        Larry Braga

Artvi Advocate's Mission is to support and promote the arts in order to enhance the cultural, social, and economic well being of the Virgin Islands through arts education and advocacy.

Ensor Colon

Jack of all Trades

Susan Edwards

Student Outreach

Kimberly Young

Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus

Our Team Of Arts aficionados