USVI:Artvi Advocates Host The Feminine Mystique- A One of A Kind Event!
Artvi Advocates hosted “The Feminine Mystique: A Global Fourth Wave, Art that reflects women’s lives and experiences around the world” from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. on June 4th at the Ice Gallery Project at St. Thomas Dairies. The event featured hors d’oeuvres and a variety of exquisite Kim Crawford New Zealand wines. Kim Crawford was the exclusive wine served at the wine bar, sponsored by Premier Wines &Spirits.
 For this third edition of Artvi’s Young At Heart project, the local non-profit organization and contributing artists aspired to explore the ideal of the feminine in today’s global society. Named in tribute to the late author and feminist activist, Betty Friedan, the exhibition presented a variety of works by more than 20 female artists. The exhibition was truly a one-of-a- kind event featuring award winning poet, journalist, performer and activist, River Houston; a screening of Academy Award winning director Pamela T. Boll’s documentary, “Who does she think she is?”; artist Cindy Male’s ZemiZen fashion designs; and Artvi’s ‘Feet First’ audience participatory art project. Atendeees appreciated the various art forms presented as well as the great food and fantastic Kim Crawford wines served.


“Dream in Green” Young at Heart summer party.

Before the deluge almost had us scrambling to build the proverbial ark, there were two very special events hosted here in St. Thomas by two very special friends. First was the very innovative “Dream in Green” summer party to close its Young at Heart program.  This was held at Tillett Gardens and hosted by ArtVI Advocates, which was founded by Priscilla Hintz.  An opening event held earlier this summer provided a relaxed atmosphere within which members of our arts community and others could come together to share their concerns about our environment. At this event artists Eric Browne, Eranah Davies, Lamont Blake and Kimberly Young were available to talk about their work and their inspiration. Also, Priscilla spoke about the islands' newest nonprofit (and her brain child), ArtVI Advocates, its upcoming initiatives and events. ArtVI Advocates is a grassroots organization of energetic and innovative art advocates who have a keen interest in furthering the cause of arts and cultural advocacy in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Its mission is to support and promote the arts in order to enhance the cultural, social and economic well-being of the territory through arts education and advocacy. The Dream in Green Summer "pARTy" was a project designed by ArtVI Advocates to connect the young at heart with the arts in the Virgin Islands and to help inspire greater appreciation for the arts and encourage long-term commitment to arts philanthropy in the Virgin Islands.